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MR115CE 5x11x4mm miniature ceramic ball bearings Zirconia ceramic bearing MR115

MR115CE 5x11x4mm miniature ceramic ball bearings Zirconia ceramic bearing MR115

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ZrO2 full ceramic ball bearings are best used at low speeds. For higher speeds or continuous rotation over long periods, never rusty and corrosion resistance.

Full ceramic bearings made from ZrO2 to handle extreme temperatures and highly corrosive environments. 

MR115CE 5x11x4mm miniature ceramic ball bearings Zirconia ceramic bearing MR115features:

Model: MR115CE

Size: 5x11x4mm ceramic bearing

Ring Material: ZrO2 full ceramic

Ball Material: ZrO2 full ceramic


Lube: Dry lube

Sealed: Open

Package: Individual white box

Features: This size 5x11x4mm ceramic ball bearing is popular size bearing in all fishing reels,  full ceramic bearings is lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder, corrosion resistant, and electrically resistant.

The ferrule and rolling element are made of zirconia (Zr02) ceramic material, and the cage is made of PEEK/ Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a standard configuration.

MR115CE Full Ceramic Ball Bearings pictures as below:

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Zirconia Oxide Ball (ZrO2)full  ceramic bearings  has the highest strength and toughness at room temperature of all the advanced. High quality full ceramic bearing are suitable for use in many specialty applications seeking to reduce overall weight and rolling resistance.

Zirconia (ZrO2) is a cost-effective alternative to Si3N4. It also has the advantage that the thermal expansion is similar to that of steel.  the rings in full ceramic bearings are typically manufactured from silicon nitride, Si3N4, or zirconia, ZrO2. Retainers in full ceramic bearings are typically made from high-performance plastics such as PEEK , PTFE or nylon.  Full complement versions are also available.

Benefits Of Full Ceramic Bearings: resistant to acid, salt and water, and blood, non-magnetic, lower coefficient of friction, resistant to electricity, corrosion-resistant, lighter, smoother and stiffer.

Full ceramic ball bearing applications:

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Applications For Full Ceramic Bearings: MRI equipment, vacuum environments, semiconductor manufacturing, radiotherapy, food processing industrie, any extreme environment requiring non-corrosive, non-conductive or non-magnetic bearings.

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